Are you craving authentic, co-creative community?

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Connect with your soul tribe and rest in the co-creative field of love and resonance.

Monthly Zoom Hangout

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Get tips, tools and practices to unleash your creative potential and live into your wholeness!

Unlock Exclusive Content

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Engage in conscious conversation, share your gifts, express yourself and get real!

Private Facebook Green Room

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Develop creative flow and practice connecting with the Unified Field of Creative Intelligence

Develop Creative Flow & Field Consciousness

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Connect with other social change artists and be a part of the Greatest Love Story ever told!

Connect with Social Change Artists

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Creative Edge Community

EMBODY Your Creative Potential!

Are you craving authentic co-creative community? Are you living on the creative edge of change? Are you ready to support a positive vision of your future and the world around you? Our community supports the vision of a conscious world where every individual feels valued, connected and fully expressed within the greater whole. Our community invites everyone into his or her own unique and authentic expression of love. We connect through the heart to amplify a culture of love, broaden our sense of compassion, and provoke individual and collective action for the good of the whole.

To join our community, we ask for a simple monthly donation of $10 or more. We ask for you to visit our Patreon page and scroll through the different reward levels. Please find a level that feels right and good and fair to you; an amount that you can afford; and an amount that you can give joyfully. We trust that you will do your part to support our work and mission, and we will joyfully give back to you our very best.


Are you ready to experience your creative potential?