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Web Series With Quincey and Dr. Julie

Getting to the heart of creative flow! A series of interviews with leading edge artists, visionaries, consciousness experts, and everyday beings... digging into the big topics of what it means to live in a creative flow state in today's world, our responsibility to serve a global purpose, and how to connect to our creative potential to contribute our gifts for the good of the whole.


Creative Edge Community

Join our Patreon Community and Create in the Zone with Quincey & Dr. Julie

Join our Creative Edge Community on a one-hour live Video Zoom Hangout each month. Be inspired, explore a monthly theme, check-in, and feel the love! Plus, have unlimited access to our private Facebook Green Room where we hang out, relax, and get real! We’ll have a weekly Q&A session, unscripted daily prompts, inspiration, healthQs, and community support. You are invited to share your projects, ideas, and creations. Get tips and guidance for how to unleash your creative potential, nurture your untapped resources and discover your hidden capacities. We will hold space for us to journey together and allow our most authentic expressions to emerge. Plus, expect a surprise once in awhile and so much more!.

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Together We're Made Whole

Mastering Creative Flow

You are ready for a unique COMMUNITY experience in a co-creative laboratory that will tap into your personal mastery?

Leap into a collective field of creative genius and emerge in a flow state, poised to live your fullest expression. Are you looking to lead from the creative edge, expand consciousness, develop resonance and stabilize creative flow? This unique experience will include a repository of helpful material that offers the best of creative science, aligned with spiritual wisdom, imbued in resonance, and grounded in a holistic worldview. Co-create a fun, harmonious and regenerative way of being, relating, and living in relationship to all that is. Receive a plethora of tips, tools, resources, videos, archive library, occasional surprises and seasonal suggestions that will warm your heart and delight your soul.

Together We're Made Whole

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The Evolutionary Stage

Showcasing Our Featured Artists and Artists in Resonance

We are social change artists lifting up other conscious artists, writers, poets, performers, speakers, healers, storytellers, dreamers, mystics, activists, children and the creative impulse within us all. We believe everyone has a part to play. We invite a global cast of evolutionary storytellers to come play in the creative field. Stop back and visit as our programs and opportunities continue to expand and come online.

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A Scripted Series Featuring Quincey Krull

Blu is a quest to understand where we belong when nothing seems to be making sense. She takes us on the ultimate journey of what it means to be human. What she discovers leads us all to a deeper truth of Love. COMING SOON.

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Artists in Resonance

Co-Creating Social Change

The Artist in Resonance Program is for artists feeling called to steward an evolutionary platform and co-create social change on a global scale. We are dreaming big and trusting the creative impulse that is moving through so many of us at this time. Together, as social change artists of all kinds, we unite to co-create a positive vision for Humanity's future and tell a new story.