Co-Creator’s Handbook

Living Co-Creation
August 5, 2017

Co-Creator’s Handbook

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ABOUT The Co-Creator’s Handbook (

The Co-Creators Handbook 2.0 is an experiential guide to discovering your life’s purpose and birthing a new, more loving world. Designed to empower individuals and teams at the leading edge of transformation, this 284-page guidebook is a practical road map to support you in fulfilling your purpose and potential as part of a co-creative team. This version of the Handbook has emerged from the co-author’s decades of experience and goes well beyond the last version of the book in offering powerful new tools and experiential exercises to: • Evolve personally from ego to Essence • Build the field of love and resonance to overcome the illusion of separation • Access your inner wisdom • Discover and deepen your life purpose • Identify resonant partners to fulfill your divine destiny • Learn new decision-making skills that go beyond consensus • Connect with others to birth a more conscious society The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 is an essential tool for individuals and groups who are longing to express their true purpose and join with others to uplift and evolve humanity and our world.

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