‘My Why’ by Quincey

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May 7, 2017
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May 8, 2017

‘My Why’ by Quincey

My Why?  Because I haven’t given up on Humanity’s potential to thrive.  Hope lives, in many of us, as we’ve seen it come alive tenfold, emerging from current events.  “But what is hope without action?” I asked myself, “And what is my action?”  As an actor, I’ve had many years of experience and study in creating authentic connection with complete strangers and examining truth and compassion in dialogue.  I’m just now recognizing how potent the arts are and what potential it has to assist humanity in recognizing a new sense of compassion and a new way to love.  I’m ready to honor my voice within the greater expression of this world.  I’m on a quest, seeking ways to ground and actualize our divine potential.    

As actors, we have to fall in love with the characters we embody, even if we’re the villain.  We may not like them from the outside looking in, but from the inside, it’s imperative we leave our imposing judgements aside: hate blocks the potential of giving full life to the character and does the story injustice.  We understand that all characters, all people, are born with human flaws.  It’s our job to find their delicate weaknesses alongside their admirable strengths, and when we come to understand both, allowing all parts of the self to breathe, we can’t help but feel compassion for them.  And if we don’t?  We keep digging.

Actors are trained to bring life into every intricate part of the self.  We feel their pain, their desires, their joy, and their disappointments, and we become it.  I believe THIS is a way to enter the vessel of compassion and to align with our hearts despite our disapproval, angst, and misunderstandings.  THIS is a new way to love.  We need every individual expression to understand the WHOLE.

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